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The Clarity & Definition Model

Giving clarity and direction to sole traders

The premise of this model is bringing 5 key elements together to create a comprehensive, considered, and finely tuned strategy, where implementation and execution are at the core.


When all of these 5 key elements are working together in perfect harmony, we hit peak performance, fast!

Like a racing car, you need four good tyres and an aerodynamic chassis, which the driver then uses to drive for victory with these 5 key elements working together in perfect harmony.

Our programme is like the pit stop “box box” where each of these 5 key elements is finely tuned, and then you’re safely released back out into the race to drive towards the chequered flag.


Creating your Business Grounding and Strategic Roadmap gives us clarity and creates focus.

To realise your potential, you need to know what your potential is, so this is where the model start.

Like “target fixation” in motorsport – the thing you focus on is the thing you crash into – so let’s make sure you crash into what you want.

To quote Stephen Covey “start with the end in mind”.


“analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking” Kenichi Ohmae

Using data from your business, we take a deep dive into where you are now.

What is going well, what isn’t, how is your business performing against your current plan?

We look into your financials, your market position, your risks, barriers, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to inform the creation of your strategy.


Mike Hawkins said “you don’t get results by focusing on results.  You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results”

That’s what we do in this phase, we define, in detail, what actions you need to take to produce results.

WHAT will we do, HOW will we do it, WHO will do it, by WHEN………..


For your strategy to work, and keep working, it needs to be cared for, we need to maintain the momentum generated through the process.

We do this through a cycle of tracking, documenting and improving so that progress is always visible, consistent, and constant.

We show you how to have super-productive meetings (even with yourself), we create your scorecard, your personal development, and your communication plan.


You and your people are the core of your business, so we make them the core of our programmes.

Getting everyone, including the sole traders, not just engaged with, but excited and committed to achieve results runs through everything we do.

Like the aerodynamic chassis on a racing car, your people are the crucial element that everything else is attached to.

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