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For organisations with 5+ people – let’s evolve your business

The Business EVOLUTION Programme is a transformative process, that includes every single person in the organisation.

We take you through a practical and collaborative, step-by-step process, to create your growth strategy in 5 days spread across a 1 month period.

This includes:

  • Your mission, vision, values and purpose
  • The strategic roadmap with core goals, activities and milestones
  • Analysing your current position through risk, financial, market and SWOT analysis
  • Defining your plan of action
  • Details of your maintenance and communication plan
  • Compiling your playbook

Create the structure and framework needed to guide decision making and give autonomy to employees so they can take responsibility and accountability for driving growth.

This means that every decision doesn’t need to be run through the business owner anymore, and they get time back to focus on the next big thing!

The process works by bringing 5 key elements together to create a comprehensive, considered, and finely tuned strategy, where implementation and execution are at the core.


Have a look at OUR MODEL to learn more about how this works.

Business Planning

Follow our step-by-step process to speed up your growth & profitability.


Harness the collective creativity of every employee.

Save You Time & Stress!

Have us arrange and facilitate your annual business planning, so you get to relax and be a participant, rather than host.

Maximising Opportunities

Stay ahead of competition, uncovering opportunities for growth and expansion