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Save you time and stress

Have us arrange and facilitate your annual business strategy event, so you get to relax and be a participant, rather than host!

A lot of our clients hire us to facilitate the creation of their annual business plan, because it means the time they would have spent researching, planning, and preparing to do this themselves can be spent doing something else they care more about, like finishing off all the other projects they are working on right now, developing their next new product, or planning their next family holiday.

You could update your strategy and run the planning meeting yourself, you’ve always done it yourself before, but now you are just too busy, you have so many other things you could be doing, so getting a professional in to do it this year will give you that time back, and take away that stress.

A fresh pair of eyes, outside help, and a new perspective will inject new life into your planning, and it means that you get to actually participate and contribute as an attendee this time.

We have done the research into all the proven, traditional, new, and most popular business planning models, tools, and techniques, and have built the programme around the best bits of each.

We give you templates and methods we have developed over years of experience to help you overcome the most common pitfalls and ways that this process can fail.

The programme is all set up and ready to go, so you don’t need to spend any more time thinking about how you will facilitate it, what you need to do or prepare, how you can implement it, what to include, what to ask, you just need to show up, and contribute to the sessions, and we take care of everything else.

Head to either the Solo or SME tab at the bottom to see what’s included in the program.

This is Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix

All tasks are split up into 1 of the quadrants based on urgency and importance.  Those tasks that are in the top left should be done straight away, those that are in the top right (quadrant 2) should be diarised to allow them the proper time they need.  Those in the bottom left should be delegated or outsourced, and those in the bottom right are either deleted, or not done.

A lot of our clients struggle to make time for the “important not urgent” quadrant 2 tasks which often include business planning.

One of the best ways to ensure that you do dedicate some time to these activities, is to find an accountability partner.  Through the relationship that we will build, and the programme we deliver, we help you to find, agree and stick to time slots for these activities.

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