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Harness the collective creativity of every employee through our inclusive approach ensuring alignment, engagement and results

Did you know?

  • 95% of employees don’t understand their companies strategy!
  • 63% of employees don’t have a clear understanding of what their company is trying to do
  • 27% of UK employees think their company vision has too much jargon
  • 52% can’t recite their organisations vision

Getting the full team involved in creating the plans, the strategy, the course of action, is one of the best and most effective ways of getting everyone to not just engage, but to get excited about, commit to, and own the delivery of the core business objectives.

If, as leaders and managers, we started seeing ourselves as more of a facilitator, a catalyst, or an instigator, then we allow those closest to the problem, closest to the work, to have an input, a voice and to contribute.

We pave the way for NEW ideas, for creativity and for true collaboration.

The output of the collective will always be greater than the output of the few!

When you use this approach, you will see the team buy-in to their KPIs, you’ll see team members taking ownership of their work, actively seeking feedback, and proactively identifying areas for improvement. There will be a renewed sense of energy and focus that permeates throughout the entire organisation and really starts to improve performance.

This is the distributed leadership model!

Everyone is talking about it from Trevor Phillips at the CIPD annual conference to Gitte Frederiksen at Boston Consulting Group.

It’s time for you to take a look and see how this model could help your business shift up a gear.

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